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General Cleaner
Branch/Location Code : JAN-Albany (55815)
Location : Albany NY US 12204
Division : ABM Janitorial
Job Type : Part Time Regular
Career Level : Entry Level
Exemption : Non-Exempt
Education : Some High School
Shift/Hours : Second Shift (Afternoon)
Job Description :
Job Overview:
Responsible for performing general cleaning and upkeep of assigned area within a specific building. Specific tasks are not guaranteed, therefore, must be flexible in performing assigned duties as outlined below.
Job Duties*:
1.       Empty, clean all waste receptacles and remove waste paper and rubbish from the premises to designated area; damp wipe receptacles as necessary.
2.       Empty and clean all ash trays, screen all sand urns supply and replace sand as necessary.
3.       Vacuum all rugs and carpeted areas in offices, lobbies and corridors.
4.       Hand dust and wipe clean all office furniture, files, fixtures, paneling, window sills and all other horizontal surfaces.
5.       Damp wipe and polish all glass furniture tops.
6.       Remove all finger marks and smudges from vertical surfaces, to include doors, door frames, around light switches, private entrance glass and partitions.
7.       Wash, clean and disinfect all water coolers.
8.       Sweep, with broom, all private stairways, and vacuum if carpeted.
9.       Police stairwells and clean or damp mop spillage.
10.    Damp mop or clean any spillage in office and public areas as required.
11.    Damp dust telephones.
12.    Dust all picture frames, charts, graphs and similar wall hangings.
13.    Damp dust all ceiling air conditioning diffusers, wall grilles, register and other ventilating louvers.
14.    Dust the exterior surfaces of lighting fixtures, including glass and plastic enclosures.
15.    Keep slop sink rooms in a clean, neat and orderly condition.
16.    Wipe clean and polish all metal hardware fixtures and other bright work.
17.    Dust and/or wash all directory boards as required, remove fingerprints and smudges.
18.    Clean entrance door glass inside and outside.
19.    Sweep or dust mop floors.
20.    Sweep or damp mop outside entrance areas.
21.    Properly clean and buff tile floor services as needed.
22.    Follow all safety and personnel rules and regulations.
*Job duties may be modified at any time.
Essential Job Functions/Qualifications:
  Must have ability to work with other crew members and be able to take direction from Supervisor.
  Previous experience preferred but not required.

EOE : Hourly

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